Breast Lift/Mastopexy

Also known as a mastopexy, breast lift surgery is designed for women who have saggy breasts. It is considered the most difficult of cosmetic breast enhancement procedures and Dr Dona has become one of Australia’s leading provider of this surgery. Dr Eddy Dona has refined his techniques over the years and utilizes his own modifications of the latest, minimal scar techniques thus maximizing the likelihood of achieving an excellent result for his patients.



  • This procedure may be partially covered by your private health insurance.
  • Loss of breast shape and volume can occur as the tissue loses elasticity with the effects of gravity, the normal ageing process, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or significant weight loss.
  • In many cases, Dr Dona can lift and rejuvenate your breast with a small “nipple” (areola) or lollipop incision, avoiding the dreaded anchor scar on the breast skin that was historically associated with this surgery.
  • When the breasts have sagged but maintain good volume, a mastopexy alone will restore shape and firmness.
  • If the sag of the breasts is relatively minor, and there has been a loss of volume and/or desire for more volume, then a “breast lift” can be achieved with a breast implant alone. In this case , your shape and firmness will be improved, and your breast size will also increase.
  • In other cases, where breast volume has been lost, an implant used in conjunction with a mastopexy procedure will obtain better results.


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