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Breast Surgery Sydney

Exceptional Breast Enhancement Surgeon

Dr Eddy Dona is a specialist cosmetic plastic surgeon and has been performing breast enhancement procedures since 2007. Over the years, he has continued to refine his techniques and apply the latest advancements to ensure he is able to consistently achieve exceptional results for his patients.

So if you’re considering cosmetic breast surgery, you can be assured that you’re in experienced hands when choosing Dr Dona.

"Experience & Excellence in Plastic Surgery is what you deserve"

Is Plastic Surgery an Art?

Plastic Surgery has long been considered by many to be a fusion of both science and art. It requires the surgeon to reshape, realign and reconstruct the most complex of 3D forms – the human body. The skin and tissues are living mobile structures that are not static and rigid objects. After surgery they swell, they stretch, they shrink, they sag etc. In addition to this, the underlying body is always changing.

Dr Dona’s love affair with art and creativity started as a child, and that has continued throughout his professional career. Forever the perfectionist, Dr Dona is continuously trying to fine-tune his professional craftmanship.

“The perpetual pursuit of perfection is what drives me to be my very best.”

He has applied this philosophy, along with his love of creativity and art, to the care he provides to all his patients.

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