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Buttock Lift (Lipectomy) Sydney

A Buttock Lift (Lipectomy) describes a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess skin from the lower back. Buttock Lift Surgery is designed to lift and tighten the buttocks which will provide far more pleasing contours from along your back and buttocks. If combined with a Tummy Tuck (Belt Lipectomy), it provides a tighter and better-contoured waistline.

For many individuals that have experienced significant weight loss, the primary problem associated with excess skin are largely functional, with aesthetics being a secondary concern. Removing the excess skin in these circumstances improves functional and aesthetic contours – reconstructing your body to a more balanced state.

Many other names have been assigned to surgical procedures designed to treat problems associated with the lower back and buttocks.

Ultimately, the name is not that important, but the explanation by your surgeon as to what their plan entails is far more important.

  • LOWER BACK LIFT – this is an operation and name that would suggest the primary area on concern is the lower back.
  • GLUTEAL LIPECTOMY – this is an operation that would suggest the primary area of concern is the buttocks – excess skin and sagging of the buttocks which require lifting to help tighten and contour.
  • BUTTOCK LIPECTOMY – this is simply a less formal term for describing a gluteal lipectomy.

Procedure Videos - Buttock Lift by Dr. Dona

The Surgery

Buttock Lift surgical procedure

After massive weight loss, all parts of the body are affected by excess skin, with some areas more problematic than others. It is uncommon for excess skin problems to be isolated to a single region of the body. Therefore, the reconstructive decision process must be tailored to address everyone’s specific concerns. As such, the surgery and its associated scars is dictated by the issues that need addressing.

Areas of concern that need to be assessed in determining the precise surgical plan include:

  • Buttocks
  • Back – lower and mid back
  • Flanks
  • Upper outer thighs
  • Abdominal wall – standard full abdominoplasty assessment
  • Mons/pubic region

Assessing these areas will establish the best surgery (and associated scars) that will be necessary.

Ultimately the scar will be along the upper buttocks and along the sides and extend a variable distance along the lower abdominal wall. Of course, if it is combined with an abdominoplasty as part of a belt lipectomy, then it is a circumferential scar within a standard “belt line”.

These issues will be discussed with Dr Dona and a surgical plan created to best address your concerns.



Combining a Buttock Lift with other surgical procedures

As stated, these operations are often required in individuals that have experienced massive weight loss, with the subsequent excess skin and tissue affecting multiple parts of the body. The common areas of concerns include the arms, breast, back, tummy and thighs. It is therefore not uncommon for these patients to request and require surgery in these areas.

As stated, a buttock lift is often combined with a tummy tuck as part of a Belt Lipectomy. These operations can also be combined with Breast Reduction and Arm Reduction (Brachioplasty) procedures.

Ultimately the patient’s general health, logistics and finances are all considered in determining what is the appropriate surgical pathway to take to address all areas of concern. Typically, more than one operation is required in a staged manner to ensure a safe and effective pathway to address all areas of concern.


Buttock Lift recovery process

Whilst the postoperative discomfort us generally far less than that experienced with a Belt Lipectomy, the postoperative recovery and potential complications are similar.

Take a look at our BELT LIPECTOMY page to learn more.

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