Breast Implants – Enlargement

Specialist plastic surgeon Dr Eddy Dona has become the most in demand breast enhancement Plastic Surgeon  in Australia. Over the years, he has continued to refine his technique and applied the latest advancements to ensure he is able to consistently achieve exceptional results for his patients. So why would you want Dr Dona to look after your breast enhancement needs? Thousands of happy patients and many doctors that have been personally trained by Dr Eddy Dona believe he is more than just a master surgical technician, Dr Dona is considered a surgical “artist”.



  • Breasts may be small because of lack of development or changes following pregnancy, ageing or weight loss.
  • Breast enhancement surgery is the commonest plastic surgery procedure performed today.
  • Breast augmentation is performed to create fullness and improve the shape.
  • There are many factors that your surgeon needs to consider for your breast enlargement or enhancement surgery, including your body and breast size, the type and shape of implant, incision site and implant position. Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Dona doesn’t believe one size fits all, and uses the latest techniques to customise your operation, ensuring he meets your specific needs and goals.


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