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Considering breast surgery in Sydney? Many women are concerned with the size, shape and position of their breasts…

Breast augmentation & implants, breast reduction or breast lifts are common cosmetic breast surgery procedures used to enhance their appearance. Cosmetic surgery can reshape the size of your breasts, reduce fullness or lift the breasts and improve the position.


Breast Augmentation / Enlargement

Breast enlargement is performed to create the curves you have desired, helping to improve self esteem and quality of life...

Breast Augmentation Special

TOTAL COST: $8000* + GST
*Conditions Apply

Breast Reduction Mammaplasty

This operation is performed to reduce the size of a woman's breasts and improve their shape and position...

Breast Lift / Mastopexy

Breast lifts are performed to make breasts perkier and more youthful...

Tuberous Breasts / Asymmetry

These procedures are designed to create balance and enhance shape...

PIP Breast Implants

PIP Breast Implants Our current fees for exchanging implants to more reputable breast implants [...]


Nipple Correction

Nipple problems can be a source of much concern and self consciousness, but are often easily correctable...

Male Breast Reduction

The development of breasts in a male is known as gynaecomastia.