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Laser Mole Removal Sydney

For many women and men, moles are viewed as unsightly, may cause embarrassment and can even cause discomfort. If the mole is located on the face or neck area, it can also detract from one’s aesthetic appearance. Well, Bella Plastic Surgery has good news for you!

Our modern clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology designed to safely and precisely remove unwanted moles within minutes! Our laser technicians are well-qualified and highly experienced skin practitioners who understand the importance of one’s appearance to self-esteem and general well-being. Our minimally invasive laser procedure means that you can have any unsightly moles removed during a lunch break and return to your daily activities with little or no down-time. You are in very good hands at Bella Plastic Surgery!

What is a mole?

Moles are abnormalities in skin tissue resulting in raised growths that vary in colour and size. Moles can appear at various stages of life, from childhood to adulthood, and can be found anywhere on the body.

How do I know if my mole is approved for laser removal?

During your initial consultation, one of our doctors will assess your mole and approve removal by laser.

What are the advantages of laser mole removal?

Moles can be removed within minutes from the face and body with little or no downtime.

Particularly when it comes to facial moles, patients often seek laser treatments to avoid the scarring that occurs from surgical removal. Laser mole removal does not require cutting the skin and, therefore, there is no need for sutures and dressings.

Facial skin heals very well, and, in most cases, once the treated area has healed, you will not be able to detect the original location of the mole. Ultimately, any residual scarring will be far more aesthetically pleasing than the original mole itself.

How many treatments will I require to remove my mole

Our state-of-the-art laser technology facilitates the immediate removal of moles. In rare cases when pigment lays deep under the skin, a subsequent treatment may be required.

Is laser mole removal painful?

Typically, anaesthetic is not required for laser mole removal. The treatment is often termed ‘uncomfortable’ but is tolerated well among most people. This is due to the speed and precision with which the mole is removed. However, topical and local anaesthetic options are available to numb the area being treated.

How long does laser mole removal take?

The laser mole removal procedure only takes a minute or two; however, we schedule 30 minutes for your appointment to allow time for completing a Patient Registration Form, receiving a consultation and discussing the procedure and post-care instructions.

What will the treated area look like after treatment?

There will be some redness and possible swelling on and around the treated areas for up to 72 hours following your treatment. In addition, a temporary scab will form, and this is a normal part of the healing process—the scab will usually fall off within 7–10 days. Once the scab has fallen off, the area will be red, but this will usually fade over a period of time.

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