Sleeping After Breast Augmentation

Thu 23rd Jun 2022

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery technique using breast implants to increase the size, change the shape, and alter the texture of the breasts of a woman.

The recovery process after Breast Augmentation surgery can take a number of weeks, and during this time you will need sufficient rest and recovery to fully heal. This blog offers advice about how to sleep better after a Breast Augmentation.

What Happens During The Breast Augmentation Recovery Period?

During the recovery period, soreness, swelling, and bruising of the breasts are typically expected. Thankfully, these post-surgery issues should be largely gone in a month or so following your surgery. You will also have a surgical incisional scar beneath the crease of your breast, however this scar will fade out over time, eventually becoming fine pale line on most cases.

Why Is  Sleep important for Recovery after Breast Augmentation surgery?

Getting enough sleep is important to the recovery process post-breast augmentation, or any surgery for that matter. Throughout sleep, your body is working hard to repair and rejuvenate – and without this process, your recovery slows down significantly. Your body will produce beneficial hormones that promote tissue growth and repair of blood vessels. This allows the restoration of sore or damaged muscles and helps you heal faster after your breast enhancement. Sleep can also help boost your immunity, reducing chances of possible infections post-surgery.

The Best Sleeping Position Post-Breast Augmentation

Patients may be concerned about their sleep quality being negatively impacted Post-Breast Augmentation – this can be managed by implementing the following sleeping positions:

Laying on your back

Laying on your back provides protection for your healing breasts, as it does not put pressure on them. This position also puts your breasts in a relaxed position, allowing the incisions to heal, helping the implants to comfortably settle.

Sleeping slightle inclined on your back is often more comfortable. To facilitate this sleep position, consider investing in a few soft pillows to prop under your back, or invest in a recliner bed if possible.

Sleeping on your side

Not all patients can commit to sleeping on their back after Breast Augmentation Surgery for long periods of time. Oftentimes, you may find yourself tossing and turning in your sleep, so even if your intention is to sleep on your back – this may not always be possible. However, two – three weeks post-surgery is a good time estimate to follow for when you may be able to sleep on your side. However, it’s important to take extra precautions if you decide to do so. This includes wearing an approved surgical bra and placing pillows underneath your breasts. This way, you can avoid unnecessary pressure on your breast and help keep your implants and incisions in place while still sleeping soundly throughout the night.

Sleeping on your front

Front sleeping is a popular position; however, we do not recommend it Post-Breast Augmentation surgery. Sleeping on your front adds excess pressure to your recovering breasts, potentially causing damage and slower recovery times. As a general rule of thumb, you can likely consider sleeping on your front approximately six weeks post-surgery. However, always wait for the professional opinion of your plastic surgeon before switching sleep positions.

Tips to Sleep Well After Breast Augmentation

Apart from correcting your sleep position, there are a number of other factors which will increase your ability to sleep soundly post-surgery. Here are just a few tips:

Light Physical Activities

Although you will more than likely be fatigued after your breast augmentation surgery, getting your body moving is important. While you will need to avoid high-intensity exercise, light movement such as walking around your house or around your neighbourhood can improve your sleeping pattern. Walking also reduces the risk of blood clots by boosting your blood circulation.

Wear A Supportive Bra

All patients are placed in a surgical bra after surgery. This is put on at the end of surgery so that when you wake up it’s already on. You are expected to wear this surgical bra for six weeks. However, we advise all our patients to purchase one or two inexpensive sports bras or crop tops, so you have something to wear when you’re washing the other during this first six-week period.

Avoid Sleep Disruptors

A sleep disruptor is something that contributes to an insufficient night’s sleep whether by reducing the total number of hours of sleep time or fragmenting your night of sleep with temporary arousals. Sleep disruptors include environmental factors, such as blue light exposure, and dietary factors, such as excess caffeine consumption. The blue light transmitted from TVs, cell phones or tablets can interfere with melatonin release. Consumption of caffeine, a natural chemical stimulant, late in the afternoon or early evening can also lead to difficulty with falling asleep at night. Try reserving your caffeine consumption for your morning routine and avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and energy drinks in the afternoon and early in the evening.
Taking Suitable Medication: You should never be expected to endure unnecessary pain post-surgery, especially after a surgery such as a breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to provide symptomatic relief and help you sleep better. A sleeping aid is rarely needed but may be prescribed if your sleeping pattern is severely disrupted after your breast augmentation surgery.


We hope you have enjoyed learning more about how to sleep soundly after a Breast Augmentation surgery. Whether you are considering a Breast Augmentation surgery, or you are preparing yourself for post-surgery recovery, we hope these tips have helped. For patients considering a Breast Augmentation surgery, the recovery process is always a big concern. Remember, just like all surgeries, patience and best practices are required for optimal healing. By sleeping in the correct position, following your recovery protocols, and looking after yourself as best as you can, you will be on the road to a full recovery in no time.

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