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  • What is rippling and why does it occur?

    Rippling is where you can see the folds of the breast implants.

    To some degree, all implants develop some form of rippling that can be felt. However, it is only when it’s seen that it’s considered an issue.

    Also, certain positions are more likely to cause visible breast implant rippling – such as leaning forward, commonly results in rippling in the side boob area.

    Certain factors contribute to the development if rippling. These include:

    • How thin the person is. Very thin people have little natural tissue separating the implants from the skin….so you can see the implant.
    • How much natural breast tissue the person has. Just like being very thin, having very little breast tissue has a similar issue.
    • Being on top of the muscle increase the risk of rippling near the cleavage
    • Development of capsular contracture can contribute to ripping as it essentially results in buckling of the implant
    • The type of implant. Saline implants are very collapsible and typical cause rippling.
    • Also not all silicone implants are the same. Some are a firm gel which is far less likely to buckle/ripple. However, very soft silicone gel implants are more likely to buckle and cause visible rippling.
    • Sizes of implant – very large implants are more likely to buckle and have some form of rippling.

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