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  • What is capsular contracture?

    Capsular contracture is a condition that can affect women with implants. Essentially, it refers to hardening of the breasts, with sometimes distortion and even pain associated with it. Capsular contracture affects up to 5% of women – we offer a capsular contracture treatment. Historically, it was far more common and affected up to 20% of women.

    So why does it occur?
    Implants are a foreign material, and the body’s natural and normal response to foreign material is to form scar tissue around it, like a capsule around it. Normally it’s a loose fit and the implant is soft and mobile.
    However, in capsular contracture, for reasons unknown, the scar tissue slowly starts to contract around the implant. Eventually, it gets to the point where the implant is being held under tension by the surrounding scar tissue, and that’s why they feel hard. That’s also why the breasts can become distorted.

    So why is it less common?

    – Silicone gel implants
    – Textured implants
    – Under the muscle
    – Breast massage
    – Meticulous technique with minimal bleeding
    – Using antiseptic in the breast pocket and soaking the implant in antiseptic before inserting
    – Antibiotics during surgery
    – Minimal handling of the implants – the packet is only opened up prior to inserting.

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