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  • Do breast implants need to be changed every 10 years?

    IMPLANT EXPIRATION DATE – One of the common myths about breast implants is that they need to changed every 10 years. This is definitely NOT TRUE. As long as your implants/breasts continue to look and feel good, nothing needs to change. So potentially they could last a lifetime without ever changing breast implants.

    However, your body will continue to change over time, implants or not – time, gravity, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breast feeding, lifestyle, genetics etc…things will change. So for these reasons, you may wish to have further surgery at some later date.

    Also, large breasted women, whether they are natural or implants, gravity is far less kind to them than smaller breasted women. So it’s really important to always wear good supportive bras all the time, except for those odd occasions that warrant no bra. You support them as much as possible, and they’ll look after you as long as possible.

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