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  • Will breast augmentation affect my chest muscle strength?

    Do you lose chest muscle (pectoralis major muscle) strength after augmentation? The answer to this is sometimes no, and sometimes yes.

    Implants placed in front of the muscle do not move when the chest/pec muscles are contracted. So basically you can’t make your breasts move up and down with muscle activation – the term used for this is ‘animation’.
    Also, implants placed on top of the muscle do not affect chest muscle function

    In contrast, when implants are placed under the muscle, the breast movement typically occurs every time you contract your chest muscles. This results in the breast implants separating and therefore the cleavage becomes quite wide whilst the muscle contracts. This occurs for all under the muscle implants. In addition to this, muscle contraction can often cause a dynamic double bubble effect, which refers to a significant indentation occurring to the underboob region everytime you contract your muscle.
    This occurs because the pectoralis muscle remains attached to the breast tissue at this level and it pulls on it everytime you contract.

    An implant inserted with a modified under muscle placement, such as a dual plane type 2 technique, can minimize or prevent this dynamic double bubble from happening.
    However, this type of dual plane technique results in loss of muscle function after breast implants due to the complete detachment of the muscle from the chest wall and breast tissue at the lower end, and the subsequent retraction and atrophy of this segment of muscle that occurs.

    In contrast, the common under muscle technique, otherwise known as a dual plane type 1, does not result in any real muscle function loss. In this situation, whilst the pec muscle is typically detached from the chest wall along the lower sternum/breast region, it still remains attached to the breast tissue, so it can’t retract and atrophy. It does of course result in a potential dynamic double bubble effect.

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