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Thu 25th Jun 2020


Dr Eddy Dona - Mummy Makeover - Before and After

The definition of reconstruction is “to restore to a state, or create a state, that is normal for that persons age, race and gender.”

Just because an operation makes a person look better does not mean it is simply “cosmetic surgery”!

As a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, I love to reconstruct the bodies of those affected by all manner of misfortune – congenital, cancer, trauma, lifestyle etc.

Surgeries required to reconstruct bodies after massive weight loss obviously make the person look better. However, by definition, they are first and foremost reconstructive surgeries.

Losing a significant amount of weight has obvious health benefits, and any individual that goes through this transformation should be extremely happy. Unfortunately the bodies skin is not so forgiving and typically does not have the elasticity to “shrink wrap” around the smaller body. Therefore, the skin tends to hang often with significant skin folds. The skin effectively becomes the old over-sized dress that’s too big for the now smaller body.

This skin excess can affect every part of the body, however the common areas of concern are: the arms, chest/breasts, belly and thighs.

This excess skin has a significant functional and psychological impact on the affected individual.

Plastic surgery in these circumstances is designed to remove that excess skin and effectively tailor the skin to fit the smaller body.

The common reconstructive procedures include: arm reductions (brachioplasty), breast lifts and breast reductions, tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), and thigh lifts.

These operations are typically the final step in the transformation journey of those individuals. Of course many require these surgeries to continue along that personal journey of body and mind enhancement.

The patient demonstrated in this article is the perfect example of this. Read about her surgical makeover after massive weight loss and her continued transformation journey after surgery. An amazing result from an amazing individual.