Dr Eddy Dona: Isolation delivers boom in cosmetic surgery inquiries

Blog |  Dr Eddy Dona

Thu 18th Jun 2020


Check out this story where Dr Dona discusses how the Covid-19 lockdown caused an increase in people researching and enquiring about aesthetic enhancements.

Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus


According to Dr Eddy Dona, there has been a rise in Australians seeking consultations for cosmetic surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Dona is one of Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons specialising in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. He has decades of experience in the surgical profession and has built up a highly respected practice in Bella Vista Sydney which he founded in 2009.

“We have experienced a substantial increase in the number of women enquiring about cosmetic surgeries over the last few months.  While elective surgery has been on hold, the increased interest is not something I expected but now that it’s happened, it’s clear to see why,” Dr Dona said.

Dr Dona believes that the spike could have something to do with people staying at home and having more time on their hands.

“Most Australians have had more time on their hands during the pandemic. This has led people to spend more time focusing on themselves and contemplating the things that they’ve put off for so long. A lot of my patients have said that if they weren’t forced to stay home and do less because of the pandemic then they probably wouldn’t have had the time to research and organise surgery,” Dr Dona said.

“The downtime has also afforded people the time and opportunity to step back and reflect on the things that are most important to them. When you are constantly busy and running around, the one person that seems to receive the least attention is yourself. So, the COVID-19 enforced downtime has allowed people to give themselves some much needed attention, and with that comes the desire for personal physical enhancements.

“Therefore, it’s only natural that we’re seeing more people seek out consultations for cosmetic surgery.”

According to Dr Dona, Australia’s plastic surgeons could see even more demand for cosmetic surgery down the track due to the decline in health and lifestyle standards over the past few months.

“Another factor could be health standards during the COVID-19 era. It is well documented that Australians are exercising less and eating more poorly during self-isolation. This could be leading more Australians to be considering cosmetic surgeries that can fix the problems that have arisen during the COVID-19 era,” Dr Dona said.

“From a health perspective, one of my biggest fears is that COVID-19 has resulted in people putting on a lot of weight. Many of my patients talk about their ‘iso-weight-gain’. This could lead to more cosmetic surgeries down the track to address the increased weight.”

However, Dr Dona states that this ‘easy fix’ is not ideal and therefore encourages people to get back to, or develop, healthy lifestyle activities. Dr Dona likes to lead by example and encourages his patients to ensure they maintain an optimal health and fitness program. Surgery should not be the solution to correct issues that a healthy lifestyle could fix.

Although Dr Dona believes that plastic surgeries can have an incredibly positive impact on people’s lives, he’s encouraging Australians to think hard about why they’re getting surgery in the first place.

“If you’re thinking of getting plastic surgery, think hard about the reasons why you want it. Plastic surgery, just like every other surgical specialty, should be aimed at improving people’s lives,” Dr Dona added.

“I have a YouTube channel which is essentially an educational platform where I discuss and show all manner of plastic surgical procedures. I believe it is vital to show real surgery so that no potential patient considers surgery to be a trivial decision. Any surgery is a big decision and its important that the patient has a full understanding of what it is they are asking for.”

Dr Dona has some tips for people thinking about undertaking plastic surgery.

Are there other options available to me?

How will the surgery benefit me and the quality of my life?

Have I undertaken the appropriate research in the procedure I’m interested in?

Have I undertaken appropriate research to find the most ideal surgeon?

“Plastic surgery should be life changing in a very positive way.  I believe a key part of this process is finding the right surgeon who not only takes the time to discuss your reasons for the surgery, but also explores your motivations,” Dr Dona said.