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Cheek Filler Enhancement Sydney

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Dr Eddy Dona has been a specialist plastic surgeon since 2007, and is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. From your first clinic visit, and throughout your surgical journey, Dr Dona and his team will be there to make it as smooth as possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cheek Filler Enhancement?

Prominent, voluminous cheekbones create a youthful, defined, healthy appearance.
However, many people experience a loss of cheek volume. Either they were not born with cheek volume, or the ageing process has reduced it. The common causes of loss of cheek volume are decreasing bone density, thinning of the skin and drifting of the cheek’s underlying soft tissue downward with gravity.
A lack of cheek volume can make a face appear tired and worn. It may also give the appearance of heaviness in the lower face around the chin, jaw and neck, and an aged look under the eyes.
Well, we have good news for you!
Bella Plastic Surgery offers safe, long-lasting, non-surgical cheek enhancements. If you are one of the many people not born with voluminous cheeks, or if your cheeks have lost volume with ageing, this treatment is for you!

What Type of Fillers Are Used?

Filler’ is the common term for a group of products made for injection in facial areas to increase volume. Fillers are made from complex sugar molecules that naturally occur in your body and bind with water to support your skin and increase volume. Many Fillers are available, but Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are the most popular and effective. At Bella Plastic Surgery, we use only the highest quality Fillers to achieve long-lasting results.

How Is It Done?

Before treatment, we will apply a topical gel to desensitise your cheek area to help alleviate any discomfort.
Fillers are then injected to plump your cheek area, creating natural height and definition for an instant cheek lift. Immediately following treatment, your cheekbones will appear more defined, and the overlying skin will look tighter and more youthful.
Our Cheek Filler Enhancement treatment is a minimally invasive, walk-in walk-out procedure with no downtime.

How Long Do the Results Last?

A cheek enhancement using our high-quality Fillers will typically last for 12 to 18 months.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Non-surgical cheek enhancement does not require significant recovery time. Most patients return to work and other activities immediately afterwards. There is usually mild swelling and a small risk of bruising in the injection area. Typically, any soreness or discomfort is gone within a few hours, any swelling resolves within a day, and any bruising disappears in a matter of days.

How Does Cheek Filler Enhancement Compare to Surgery?

Traditionally, a Malarplasty, or surgical cheek augmentation, was the only way to add volume to the cheek area. This surgery involves inserting silicone, Gore-Tex or similar implants through an incision made inside the mouth and into the cheek. This procedure can work well but is invasive and requires several days of downtime and discomfort. Solid implants also run the risk of moving or becoming infected, in which case they must be removed, and the resulting cosmetic defect can be devastating.
Alternatively, fat can be harvested from another part of your body and placed in the cheek as an injected fat graft. This technique can have good results. However, fat injections are an unreliable enhancement method. The duration of effect of the fat graft depends on the patient, the doctor’s skill and the area injected. Like cheek implants, a fat graft is an invasive and expensive procedure.

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