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  • When can you start exercising after surgery?

    With all those who do a lot of sporting activities and gym work:

    • You can walk from day one post op.
    • At 2 weeks, you can sit on a stationary bike and do some cardio work to burn some calories and maintain some cardio conditioning.
    • You can slowly return to running at the four week mark. You must wear a bra or often two that helps prevent your breasts from bouncing up and down. If your breasts are bouncing up and down while you are running, then you’re wearing the wrong bras!
    • For those who love the gym, you can slowly return to exercise after breast augmentation at the four week mark. However, as you would know, four weeks is a long time away from the gym and you decondition a lot. Also, you’ve had chest surgery so will still have some discomfort from this. So when you do go back to the gym, start with very light short sessions and be guided by your body. Slowly and gradually build yourself up to normal training over the following weeks and months. However, unlike normal training pain where you “push through”, experiencing pain in a post-surgical state means you need to pull back a little. It’s your body saying it’s not quite ready to be pushed that hard.
    • Going to the gym prior to four weeks to do “just legs” is not allowed. Any leg work requires core and upper body for stabilization etc, so it’s still forbidden.
    • For those crossfit junkies – you have no chance of doing this for at least two months after surgery. Go to the gym at 4 weeks post op, gradually build yourself up, and when you feel you’re crossfit ready (typically no sooner than two months post-op), then you can get back to it.

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